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Current Situation Report

Current Situation Report

As an information management teaching department, in addition to teaching, academic research is also our key work. The research centers of this department have accumulated quite fruitful research results.

The scope of research in this department is broad, covering various professional issues of asset management, such as: group support system, decision support system and strategic information system, information technology management and information economics, etc. The Internet and e-commerce are our key targets.

In terms of teaching courses, the wisdom accumulation of professional information management knowledge is what we are most concerned about, such as: management theory and practice for middle and high-level asset management personnel, and various applications of information technology are also important courses for us , such as: enterprise data communication, object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, etc. These courses are not only the threshold for students to graduate, but also pave the way for the writing of thesis. If students intend to enter the workplace immediately, they can also make complete preparations. In the industry, Zhongzheng Asset Managers are the right and left arms of business owners, serving as network engineers, system integrators, system managers, database managers, network management engineers, programmers, system analysts, project managers, information educators Work, project planning assistant, etc., are very competent.

Zhongzheng asset managers who choose to go to higher education after graduation also have good opportunities to continue their studies in master’s and doctoral programs. Domestic and foreign information management, information science, information engineering, industrial engineering, enterprise management, financial management, personnel management, and industrial management There are many types and numbers of research institutes, and the career development after graduation is quite forward-looking.