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      The department first established the Graduate Institute of Information Management on August 1, 1994. Currently, there are fourteen master's degree graduated classes, with about 30 graduates in each class. Most of them have entered the job market. Since the 1998 academic year, the department has officially admitted new undergraduate students, presenting a new look of the integration of the department and the institute. Since the 1999 academic year, the department has begun to recruit the first batch of doctoral students and launched on-the-job master's degree classes. In addition, the Graduate Institute of Medical Information Management affiliated to this department was established on August 1, 2003, and currently recruits 13 new students every year.

       The department currently has 14 full-time teachers, including one chair professor, 5 professors, 4 associate professors, and 2 assistant professors, all of whom are PhDs in related fields of information management, with expertise in both research and teaching.

       The Department of Information Management of Chung Cheng University has gradually grown and expanded, the learning environment has become increasingly comprehensive, and various teaching facilities have been novel and enriched. It has established a reputation in the information management academic circle nationwide. Regarding software, hardware, teaching personnel, equipment, teachers' research or the performance of graduates. It has been extremely highly rated. Further, the department will continue to expand its international horizons, promote the development of various industries in central and southern China, and assist business owners in using information technology to face the new challenges of the drastic global changes in the 21st century.

About the Department Logo


The CCU-MIS logo was designed by Professor Eldon Y. Li in 1994 when he created the Graduate Institute of Information Management at the National Chung Cheng University (CCU).  It contains five fountain pen nibs and five letters of "'CCMIS" The five nibs represent the five colleges established when the university was inaugurated. including the College of Humanities, the College of Science. the College of Social Science, the College of Engineering, and the College of Management. The letters of CCMIS represent the name of the department, namely. "Chung Cheng Management Information Systems".  These letters together complete the website domain name of the department: "MIS.CCU.edu.tw"