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Vision and Teaching Goals_MIS

Vision and Teaching Goals

Vision - MIT

With Management M, Innovation I and Technology T as the core, Zhongzheng Asset Management has been established as a benchmark institution for academic research and teaching in asset management across the country.

teaching objectives

The teaching objectives of the department are briefly described as follows according to the different educational systems of the university department, the master's class, the master's in-service professional class and the doctoral class:

1. The university department focuses on cultivating students to understand the operation of enterprises, have management literacy and the ability to use information technology for implementation. Therefore, the planning of the course also focuses on enterprise organization, management concepts, and the development and application of information systems. The main axis, in which special emphasis is placed on the balance of management and technology.

2. In the master's program, the emphasis is on cultivating the ability to do basic research, in order to identify operational problems for enterprises or organizations, and to seek solutions using information technology, so it will focus on training students to use information technology to manage enterprises and organizations. Operation, and further apply the relevant theories learned or verified to integrate information technology and business management knowledge, with the ultimate goal of helping enterprises improve efficiency and create competitive advantages. There is also a master's program in medical information management. In addition to the above-mentioned abilities, it is also necessary to enrich the knowledge of the medical field, so as to be able to handle and solve the information technology and management issues in medical institutions. Special emphasis is placed on the ability to identify problems and use information technology to solve them.

3. Master's in-service special class, the goal is to cultivate students with the vision and ability to review the operation of enterprises or organizations, in order to make good use of information technology to improve management efficiency, comprehensively create an information-based environment for enterprises or organizations, and then lead enterprises or organizations. The future development direction of the organization, so the special emphasis of in-service classes is to enrich the information and management literacy of managers at all levels.

4. The doctoral program aims to cultivate excellent research talents and asset management teachers, so that they can have an international outlook, have the ability to engage in information technology and management education, and be able to independently conduct academic research related to information management. The training focuses on how to explore research topics related to information management and technology, how to explore the causes of problems, and how to find technical and management solutions. impact.